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- 12/11/00 02:03:36


Sara Larsson - 12/06/00 09:30:47
My URL:http://user.tninet.se/~iso081i
My Email:darbaschan@ebox.tninet.se

Hi ! You have a great looking homepage. And Congratulations to "Babs" showresults, she looks great. I like all your dogs, Babs is family so she is extra special. Sara Larsson Darbaschan Borzoi Sweden

Bad Bunny - 11/02/00 10:08:31
My URL:http://www.badbunnny.com/
My Email:bdbunny@bigfoot.com

Nizzawebsite. Dank für das Lassen ich Ihr guestbook unterzeichnen

tina - 10/30/00 19:01:53
My Email:tina_a_lee@yahoo.com

Oh man, that song on willies page made me cry... I miss that big baby you know. I love your website. Love you, your little sister... Teenie

Anton Chekhov - 10/29/00 18:17:17
My URL:http://www.hi.is/~gunnast/BORZOI
My Email:gunnast@hi.is

Hi! I am a Borzoi from Iceland. I really liked your homepage, it is very nice. Bye, Anton Chekhov

- 10/13/00 20:22:17

greetings from the northern rockies! you have lovely dogs and a wonderful web site!

Katri Kunnas - 06/29/00 23:56:13
My URL:http://personal.inet.fi/cool/kuka/
My Email:katri.kunnas@quicknet.inet.fi

Greetings from Finland! You have very nice website and fabulous borzois. Little Babs is lovely, I especially love her face!

Ingrid Eriksson - 06/12/00 18:22:07
My URL:http://d1o1.telia.com/~u82204536
My Email:ingrid.lelle@telia .com

Hi. You have a lovely site with lovely dogs. Good luck with your new Swedish dog. Ingrid.

Cecilia - 06/12/00 12:40:59
My URL:http://www.kozlowskis.com
My Email:borzoi@telia.com

You have a lovely site, and also lovely dog:-)) Flash is my favorite

Sussi Stjernborg - 05/21/00 08:36:08
My URL:http://home.swipnet.se/starcastle
My Email:starcastle@chello.se

Babs is really nice! I saw 2 other pups from that litter last weekend and they both looked very good. Good luck with Babs!

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