Svora's Citation

BIF Am CH Zimistraija Mozart Play for SVershin FC ex. AM./Nat/Int CH Svoras String of Pearls JC HIC



Due to a stroke of genetic bad luck (or good luck), his life started out kind of like the ugly duckling who would not be a show dog and with an uncertain future due to being born with a severely Roman head and wry mouth. His first home turned out to be a bad situation and was found running loose on the streets of Waco at about 1 year of age. He ended up staying at Deb's Herolds for a few days while I was being contacted through the great dog grapevine. Debs Herold recognized his potential for service work when he was there with his calm and gentle nature. She let me know that she was interested in having him to train to replace her aging greyhound "Darcy" who was her current service dog, when the time came. Darcy has passed on and now Cowboy is her full time certified assistance dog, assisting her in walking everywhere she goes. He lives the life of Riley getting to fly with her IN THE CABIN of airplanes, go shopping with her, go to work with her etc. So you see, it was actually GOOD LUCK for Cowboy as he is living the life most dogs dream of! .

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Cowboy now with his loving owner Debs Herold of Possum Trot farms.